Why Use Talent Assessments?

Organisations are experiencing changes to the working environment that drive an ever higher need for precise, objective talent decisions.

Real-Time Precision in a Fast-Moving World

Change is no longer a periodic event; it’s the new constant for organisations today. The ability to put the right person in the right role at the right time is essential to maximise opportunity and drive growth. Together with the need for quicker time to performance for new hires, the pace of change also generates a greater cost of getting it wrong.

Insight into the Looming Leadership Crisis

With flatter hierarchies, more geographically dispersed teams, and a larger scope of responsibilities, the spotlight on leader performance is more intense than ever before. Coupled with the rate of change, the key skills that got leaders to where they are today are not what is needed in the future for many organisations. Talent assessment optimises point-in-time decision making and removes gut instinct from these critical high-profile, high-impact talent decisions.

An Edge in Escalating War for Top Talent

Demand for critical talent is growing at a fast pace. In roles that are characterised by a reliance on expertise in new technologies and data analytics, this demand is outstripping the available supply. Talent assessments enable employers to identify the best fit candidates quickly, and fast track them through the process to ensure they are not lost to competitors.

Opportunity to Strengthen Employer Brand

Candidates increasingly want to be able to drive their own application and make informed decisions. Their experience during the hiring process not only influences their decision to join the organisation, but has a broader impact as candidates increasingly use social platforms to share their experiences. A well-managed assessment program reinforces employer brand and provides a frustration-free, effortless process that feels rewarding, even when the candidate is unsuccessful.

Data to Proactively Manage Internal Mobility and Career Paths

Employer-Employee contracts are evolving with the emergence of the gig economy and portfolio careers. Organisations need to create solutions and processes to accommodate faster career management with reduced focus on lifetime careers. Talent assessment provides flexible and accessible data to enable organisations to take an individualised approach to develop, grow, and retain internal talent.

So, it’s no longer a question of whether to use objective assessment tools or not – it’s more about finding ways for both companies and candidates to gain greater value and insight from the experience.

Most importantly, it is critical for organisations that deploy assessments to use the outputs to boost workforce performance and maximise employees’ potential in order to realise competitive advantage and ultimately drive growth in the current work environment.

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