About Jo Thompson Recruitment

Meet Jo

If you’re calling Jo early in the morning, you might hear a whinny and the clip-clop of horse hooves in the background. That would be Magic, Jo’s beloved thoroughbred.

When she is not working diligently to secure top talent for her clients or finding exciting career opportunities for her candidates, Jo takes inspiration from her home in the lush countryside of Exmoor. Outside of office hours, she can be found with her family or tending to her menagerie of animals, including her pygmy goat Elvis, her daughter’s pony Paddy, one cat Olive, one dog Silky, and a few prized chickens.

Jo believes matching the right candidate to a role requires both a deep understanding of the organisation’s culture and enlightening scientific insights. That is why, along with leveraging her 20 plus years of experience when meeting new candidates, Jo trusts SHL assessments to provide an accurate snapshot of critical skills, potential, and role suitability that might not be observable from a competency-based interview alone. As a result, the recruitment process is not only unbiased, but also filled with predictive insights that reveal how a candidate will be an asset to the organisation.

For Jo, it is all about quality over quantity. She founded JTR on the principle that she would offer like-minded clients and candidates a niche, value-added service. When working with companies, this means digging deep to the root of an organisation to understand its culture, values, and needs. With candidates – whether they are executives, middle management, or fresh graduates – this means being a motivator and providing a quality candidate journey with guidance and feedback at every step of the way, no matter the applicant’s outcome. At heart, Jo is particularly passionate about helping candidates realise key attributes that will lead to their success in the marketplace.

Our Values

At Jo Thompson Recruitment, our business philosophy is grounded in several key values. By keeping these values at the forefront of all that we do, we consistently provide our clients and candidates with quality, value-added services. Our offering is personalised, packed with insights, and designed to fully understand your talent needs for a smooth, seamless connection.

  • Enhance our expertise with science. The best people for the job cannot be recruited on an interview alone, just as they cannot be recruited through assessment alone. We rely on a balanced blend of competency-based interviews enriched by our recruiters’ expertise, plus skills assessments that deliver unbiased data analytics. With our winning recipe of recruitment prowess and scientific insights, we deliver value from the start.
  • Be a partner. We treat clients and candidates with respect, and engage candidly with tact. We are always fair and objective, and we ensure there is a consistent flow of feedback and consultation at every step of the way.
  • Deliver excellence. We strive for excellence in everything we do. Whether it is sourcing world-class assessments, providing expert advisory services, or pairing outstanding candidates with like-minded, high-calibre employers, JTR provides you with a premium service.
  • Look forward and adapt. The landscape of employment is constantly evolving. Whether it be helping candidates navigate the rise of AI in the selection process, or assisting companies in managing a fully remote talent acquisition campaign, there are constant changes that need mitigating and we are always prepared to rise to the challenge.
  • Bolster brands. A good recruitment experience enhances both the employer’s brand and the candidate’s personal brand. JTR serves both sides of the aisle by crafting compelling campaigns and ensuring an engaging, candidate-centric journey. Because we dig deep to understand your brand, we find your best match.

Dedication To Recruitment

Over the years, Jo Thompson Recruitment has added services and grown into a premier boutique recruitment consultancy offering a diversified portfolio of talent solutions and advisory services.

We offer an agile, solutions-based approach that is supported by a robust methodology, bringing employer’s brands to life through an enhanced candidate experience.

We identify and assess candidates, develop compelling campaigns, and align your talent to organisational objectives to ensure you recruit and retain the talent necessary to stay competitive.

Our success is based in our commitment to invest in long-term relationships, to truly understand your company, work with your hiring managers, and source and assess talent for today and tomorrow.

Our clients range from FSTE 100 companies to smaller SME businesses in a wide range of industries and sectors. We have grown from reputation, personal recommendations, and delivering quality results.

We have a reputation for being one of the best recruitment agencies in the South of England, and we operate throughout London, Reading, Theale, Newbury, Oxford, Swindon, Bath, Bristol, Andover, Taunton and Exeter.

Using world-class assessments as part of our thorough screening process, JTR helps you:

  • Make better hiring decisions
  • Improve people development and succession decisions
  • Predict performance across the employee lifecycle and make unbiased, data-driven people decisions to drive your business.

Our Delivery

Starting with the recruitment process, our team of experienced SHL consultants are passionate about the employee lifecycle. Delivering a positive, engaging candidate experience is part of our everyday work. We offer our candidates continuity, personal support, fulfilling career opportunities, and a bespoke career coaching service, whether they are seeking permanent, temporary or contract positions.

We have an enviable track record of demonstrating tangible business results, from providing the expertise, experience, tools, technology, and resources to improve your recruitment outcomes, including an enhanced candidate experience, time to hire, cost per hire, and quality of hire. Beyond improving such basic metrics, our recruitment solution is designed to help our clients improve retention and their employer brand through an engaging and collaborative hiring process.

Qualified SHL Consultants

A team of experienced SHL Consultants help you improve and achieve better hiring decisions by selecting best-fit candidates using targeted, predictive assessments set in a real world context, reducing attrition and maximising on-the-job performance.

Comprehensive Selection Process

A comprehensive selection process significantly improves your quality of hires and identifies candidates most likely to succeed in a role.

Talent Assessment Technology

Technology-enabled talent assessment platforms engage and retain candidates, convey a positive employer brand, and predict candidate potential.

Experience and Values

A seamless, positive, and engaging experience which treats clients and candidates with respect, acts with integrity, imparts knowledgeable advice, and delivers tangible business results.

Personalised Service

Continuity and a bespoke service which ensures both clients and candidates receive a personalised service with the same Account Manager every time they call.

Assessment Centres

A world-class experience that delivers real business outcomes. Our assessment centres offer a streamlined experience that provides fast and impactful insights. Virtual centres will wow new hires and show how you invest in your people. A highly engaging experience, packed with predictive power.

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