Our Approach To Recruitment

Hiring the right candidate for the job is difficult.

Using a robust interviewing and screening process significantly improves the quality of hires.

Information gathered from interviews accounts for more than half of the average selection decisions. However, many managers struggle to align their interview process with the competencies needed for the role. As a result, less than one third of interviewers ask candidates relevant, probing questions. Our approach to recruitment is time tested.

The Brief

We spend time analysing and understanding the importance of the full requirements, including competencies, behaviours, skills, and experience required.

Talent Strategy

Our robust and innovative talent process gives you unrivalled access to candidates actively looking for roles, as well as connecting you to passive candidates that aren’t actively looking to move but have the skills that you need.

Selection Process

Using our advanced interview techniques, our consultants identify the behaviours and competencies that directly impact job performance. This ensures you have the right people for your organisation.


Assessments are tailored to the role, so we can accurately identify each candidate’s core skills and motivational factors as well as highlight personal attributes and key strengths using advanced profiling techniques and psychometric assessments. Assessments help to predict performance across the employee lifecycle and make unbiased, data-driven people decisions to drive business performance.

Verification Process

All shortlisted candidates go through a rigorous process that includes behavioural and competency-based interviews, aptitude and ability testing as well as reference checks, and worker eligibility verification.

Offers & Onboarding

Partnering with hiring managers to manage the offer process and facilitate negotiations and communicating onboarding expectations and timelines are all part of the process.

Follow Up

Conducting a friendly follow-up call with both the candidate and hiring manager at 30 days to ensure both parties are happy with the outcome. Participating in a recruitment review from both the candidate and hiring manager to understand how we can improve.


Initiating the outcomes and continuously improving the experience and process.

In summary, we provide the expertise, experience, tools, technology, and resources to improve a company’s recruitment outcomes; our services ensure enhanced candidate experience, time to hire, cost per hire, and quality of hire. Beyond improving such basic hiring metrics, our recruitment solution is designed to elevate and augment existing processes and resources to optimize your talent acquisition’s impact on the business. Overall, we help our clients improve retention and their employer brand through an engaging and collaborative hiring process.

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