Outcomes-Based Approach to Assessment


With the goal of approaching assessment as a holistic business solution rather than a stand-alone test, SHL have created an outcomes-based approach to assessment.

This puts the focus on important organisational goals and the contribution of assessment in achieving them. It is an approach in which assessment tools and methods are selected, deployed, monitored, and optimised for their ability to deliver measurable business outcomes.

Eight outcomes organisations most commonly want to improve and measure:

Brand Strength

Strength of talent attraction in volume and quality in relation to company size and market position

Quality of Hire

Quality of hiring decisions based on stakeholder view and analysis


The extent to which assessment processes enable a company to recruit, develop and retain a diverse workforce


The extent to which an assessment process optimises efficient use of time, resources and money

Internal Mobility

The extent to which organisation’s assessment processes enable internal mobility


The relationship between assessment use, productivity and business results

Manager Engagement

The extent to which managers support and promote assessment use in selection and development

Participant Engagement

The extent to which an assessment process helps drive positive participant engagement and influences behavioural change

It’s not just our focus on outcomes that sets us apart.

Our clients also benefit from our:

  • 25 years of demonstrable business results
  • Experience across all industries
  • Thorough screening and interviewing process
  • Robust, scalable assessment tools
  • Interconnected solutions across the employee lifecycle
  • Delivering a positive candidate experience

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