Assessment and Development Centres

Jo Thompson Recruitment offers a broad range of innovative and data-driven assessment and development services not only to identify the right people for your organisation, but to accurately benchmark your organisational capabilities against the competition. Find out how your people stack up so you can proactively manage performance to achieve business results today.

Our proven CEB SHL assessment and development methodology is tailored for your needs, and uses a leading edge universal competency framework approach in conjunction with a battery of Personality and Behaviour, Ability and Aptitude, Job Knowledge and Skills and Performance and Development assessments. Call us now for more information 0844 2920800.

Virtual Assessment & Development Centres

Identify potential around the world faster. Go virtual. A highly engaging experience, packed with predictive power.

Enjoy a world class experience that delivers real business outcomes:

  • Superior experience
  • Faster insight
  • Greater efficiency
  • Engaging people

Put assessors in the same room as your people, even if they’re on different continents.

Our innovative assessment and development centres in partnership with SHL provide a faster, greener, and more inclusive way of identifying potential.

  • Help people show off their ability, with tools they use in the real world
  • Use award-winning assessment technology that offers you the opportunity to ‘showcase’ your organisation to potential candidates and promote your business as an ‘Employer of Choice’
  • Enhance the Candidate Experience
  • Assessments include: live video interview, inbox stimulations, the market-leading OPQ (Occupational Personality Questionnaire), award-winning cognitive suite ‘Verify Interactive’ & much more
  • Make your people comfortable in an easily accessible virtual assessment space
  • Provide your assessors with beautifully presented reports that help you make decisions
  • Tags commenting on live video interview
  • Recorded interviews and online ratings make it easy to look again at the best candidates
  • Focus on assessing – not completing endless forms

Successful Projects

Candidate Assessment At the Graduate, Management and Executive Levels

Assessment centres offer all of the same benefits of online skills or behavioural assessments while promoting a real-world feel of job expectations and behaviours.

Key Assessment Centre Benefits
  • Identifies potential talent by evaluating multiple competencies
  • Evaluates team impact styles to measure capabilities
  • Provides you with a fair and objective process whether recruiting or managing an internal workshop
  • Enables hiring managers to view candidates and internal employees in a variety of different scenarios
  • Offers you the opportunity to ‘Showcase’ your organisation to potential candidates and promote your business as An ‘Employer of Choice’
  • Enhances the Candidate Experience
  • Reduces Time and Demonstrates Effectiveness
  • Enables you to provide Objective Feedback to Candidates and Internal Personnel for Development

Our Assessment Centres Include
  • Assessments
  • Exercises
  • ‘On the day’ activities
  • Feedback sessions

Furthermore, we can simultaneously assesses a candidate’s potential and performance through a variety of tests, interviews and simulation exercises including:

  • Presentation and oral communication exercises
  • Role play and group activities
  • In-Tray exercises and written analysis exercises
  • Workflow simulations and practice interview sessions

More importantly, we provide support throughout the entire assessment centre process from:

  • Defining the role requirements using the CEB SHL universal competency framework
  • Selecting ‘Off The Shelf’ products or designing bespoke solutions
  • Assessment centre delivery
  • Candidate evaluation and feedback

Development Centres

Combining psychometric assessments and business simulation exercises, participants are actively involved in the assessment of their own and others’ behaviours as part of their professional development. We provide experienced observers to facilitate and identify competencies and areas for development. Using insights from the development centre, employees are able to focus on their specific areas for development. Call us now for special offers at 0844 2920800.

Consequently, development centres and internal workshops are an effective strategy to:

  • Identify and engage high potential employees
  • Develop leadership capabilities
  • Evaluate competency gaps
  • Establish performance benchmarks
  • Assist line managers and human resources with succession planning

Assessment and Development Centre Special Offers

Graduate Level

Per Person

  • Verbal and numerical assessments
  • 1 in-tray exercise
  • 1 workflow simulation
  • 1 group activity
  • *8 person minimum

Professional Level

Per Person

  • Verbal and numerical assessments
  • 1 in-tray or analysis exercise
  • 1 workflow simulation
  • 1 group activity
  • Inductive reasoning assessment
  • Occupational personality questionnaire and report
  • Feedback session
  • *6 person minimum

Management or Executive Level

Per Person

  • Verbal and numerical assessments
  • 1 analysis exercise
  • 1 presentation exercise
  • 1 group activity
  • Inductive reasoning assessment
  • Management scenarios assessment
  • Occupational personality questionnaire and report
  • 1-2-1 feedback sessions
  •  *4 person minimum

For any questions regarding our pricing plans above, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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