Verify Critical Reasoning

This test consists of a series of passages, each of which is followed by several statements. Your task is to evaluate each statement in the light of the passage which precedes it, and to select the appropriate answers following the rules given below.

Click True if the statement is patently TRUE or follows logically given the information or opinions contained in the passage.

Click False if the statement is patently UNTRUE or the opposite follows logically, given the information or opinions contained in the passage.

Click Cannot Say if you CANNOT SAY whether the statement is true or untrue or follows logically without further information.

The slogan, “leadership through quality”, has been adopted for our current public relations campaign in an attempt to upgrade our image. This reflects the emphasis this company has always placed on quality. The campaign aims to express outwardly our interpretation of quality as technical excellent, breadth of product range, customer service and value for money. We are convinced that the investment involved will result in increased profit.

Quality is being defined in terms of four concepts.
The company has previous paid little attention to public relations.
Investment in public relations is not expected to produce a financial return.
The quality slogan is being used as an image-building device.
Cannot Say

Confederation and Friendly Trust published a rather self-conscious statement yesterday morning, to inform shareholders of ‘an approach’ which could possibly lead to a bid for the company. It now transpires that the approach was made by the Executive Life Group whose subsidiary, Crown and Colonial Insurance, already has a substanial holding in Confederation and Friendly. The exact nature of the approach has still not been made clear.

Executive Life Group already has an indirect holding in Confederation and Friendly Trust.
Crown and Colonial Insurance has no involvement in Confederation and Friendly Trust.
Confederation and Friendly are showing a degree of caution in releasing information about the potential bid.
Confederation and Friendly Trust wish to contest any bid to gain control over them.
Cannot Say

Parts can only be drawn on the basis of properly completed dockets, which are issued by the Engineering Department. For jobs which are currently in progress, any request for materials or spares will be prioritised in accordance with the urgency of the order as determined by the Chief Engineers office. Only in the case of emergency call-out where spares of materials are needed immediately will there be made available without such explicit authorisation.

The procedure for indenting for parts has become more rigorous.
The issue or spares for emergency repairs has no priority over parts for planned project work.
The issue of parts is normally subject to an assessment of urgency.
Materials cannot be issued from store without the express approval of the Chief Engineer.
Cannot Say

Infocorp was originally set up as a joint venture between the Business Office Bureau and Cash Machines Limited. The latter contributed both technical and marketing know-how for 50% of the equity, whilst the govern agency, which controls the rest of the ownership, provided 90% of the necessary initial funding. Hitherto, government departments and local authorities have provided the main client base. Whilst continued marketing effort will be put into this area, the organisation’s current ‘mission statement’ refers primarily to the area of small business, which is also of particular interest to the Business Office Bureau.

The majority of Infocorp’s initial funding came from the private sector.
Infocorp is seeking to change it’s client mix.
Cash Machines Limited’s holding in Infocorp was justified more by their expertise than by financial input.
A change in the ownership structure of Infocorp is imminent.
Cannot Say


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