11 things candidates say that turn recruiters off

Recruiters know the dangers of sending a candidate into an interview without the proper training or advice. But sometimes, there is little they can do to prevent their jobseeker from messing it all up and scuppering their chances.

Paddy Stanley, Head of the Mitie Foundation, explained the anxiety that comes with the territory. “I think we can all relate to the feeling of being completely out of our comfort zone,” said Stanley. “Public speaking, a blind date, or even meeting the in-laws feature a lot, but top of the list for a lot of people is job interviews.

“So here is a thought: what if we change the way we recruit? What if we actually get out of the office and, instead of relying on people coming into an often daunting and unfamiliar environment, we go to an environment where the candidates feel more comfortable?

“Take a community centre for example. Holding a workshop – or even a bake off – with colleagues and prospective candidates will take away the formality of a stuffy interview and allow true personalities to shine. You will see more of a candidate’s true self in a relaxed environment and, whilst an official interview may be carried out at the end of the day, the whole day itself would serve as an indication of a candidate’s suitability to working for your business.”

A recent article in Business Insider Australia highlighted the plight of the overly eager and loose-lipped candidates, and gave examples of the ultimate interview faux pas.

How many have you seen being committed?

  1. What does your company do?
  2. Are you married? Are you pregnant?
  3. Expletives
  4. I want your job
  5. This is not my first choice
  6. I’d better get this job, or else!
  7. If I don’t get this job, I really don’t know what I’ll do…
  8. Do you fancy going on a date?
  9. Which job is this for again?
  10. I know I’m not the most qualified person, but…
  11. I detested my last boss

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